Physics Work,Power & Energy Level: High School

A 60kg skydiver moving at terminal speed falls 50m in 1 sec. What power is the skydiver expending in air?


Physics Simple Machines Level: High School

A lever is used to lift a heavy load. When a 50N force pushes one end of the lever down 1.2m, the load rises 0.2 m.Calculate the weight of the load.


Physics Work,Power & Energy Level: High School

A person dives from atop a flagpole into a swimming pool below. His potential energy at the top is 10,000J. What is his kinetic energy when his potential energy reduces to 1000J?


Physics Rotational Mechanics Level: High School

Consider a too-small space habitat that consists of a rotating cylinder of radius of 4m. If a man standing inside is 2m tall and his feet are at 1g, what is the g force at the elevation of his head?


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

A 15.0 kg uniform board 2.4 m long is pivoted so that it can rotate at a horizontal axis through the end (point A). If a 100-kg mass and is suspended 1.80 m from the pivoted end, what is the tension in the string ?


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

Two masses are suspended from a frictionless pulley as shown in "click here " The pulley itself if has a mass of 10.kg and its radius r = 10 cm.

(a) what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the suspended masses is m1 = 8 kg

(b) what are the tension in the strings? (Neglect the mass of the string.)


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

Two blocks are connected by a cable via a pulley which are massless and frictionless. Given the following: m=300.0 kg, m2= 100.0 kg, theta = 40.0 degree, micro = 0.350, determine:

a. The direction of acceleration (mathematically no guesses)

b. The value of acceleration

c. The tension in the cable

(Figure is shown in "click here")


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

A box of mass 8.3 kg placed on a smooth horizontal table is acted on by two horizontal forces . The first of magnitude 0.3 Newton's acts due East , and the second of magnitude 0.3 Newton's acts due North . Find the velocity of the box after 14.9 seconds .


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

A stone of m = 0.8 kg is projected across a sheet of ice with an initial speed of 2.40m s^-1 . The coefficient of sliding friction between the stone and the ice is 0.0250 . How far will the stone travel before it come to rest ? Take g = 9.81m s^-2 .


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

Blocks A and B are moving towards each other along the X axis. A has a mass of 4.00 kg and a velocity of 30.0 m/s ( in the positive X direction), While B has a mass of 2.00 kg and a velocity of -25.0 m/s (in the negative direction). A) Assume they sugffer an elastic head-on collision and move off along the X axis. What will be the velocity of A and B , respectively , after the collision ? B) Using the information from a) and using impulse-momentum theorem, calculate the force acting on block A due to block B if the collision took a time of 0.256s C) If these same two blocks were to have a perfectly inelastic head-on collision, what would the velocity of the combined block system be and what would be the loss in KE?


Physics Force & Laws Of Motion Level: High School

A girl and her bicycle have a total mass of 40.0 kg. At the top of a hill her speed is 5.00 m/s the hill is 10.0 m high vertically and 100.0 m along the incline use work energy methods A) Take friction to be acting . If her speed was 10.0 m/s as she arrives at the bottom of the hill , how much mechanical energy is lost to friction? Note girl doesn't pedal . B) From your answer to part A calculate the force of the frictional resistance of the air , etc , that is removing useful mechanical energy from the system as the girl rolls down the hill . C) Now if the girl and her bike coast along level ground , how far will she coast if the coefficient of the Kinetic Friction is 0.300 ?

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